Do not get caught in public with dry cracked hands this winter

Remedies For Dry, Cracked Hands,
Do You Have Dry Cracked Skin?
If you have a best friend or co-worker that is constantly complaining about how dry and cracked her hands are and she is wondering why her hands are dry all the time? During winter months we tend to wash our hands more often, because of cold and flu season. Washing our hands repeatedly is a good practice, but it depletes the moisture from our hands with every wash. Not to mention, due to the cold weather we turn on the heater in our cars and our homes to stay warm. This also reeks havok on our skin, making it extremely dry in some cases.  To help your friend, you  may want to share this post with her.

My go to lotion at work is: Moisture Intensive Hand Lotion from Avon and here's why:

Moisture Intensive Hand Lotion
  1. Office-Friendly this lotion has no fragrance. We have an office policy where no perfumes or fragrances are allowed due to co-workers with allergies. This lotion is office approved.
  2. Saves you moneyI put a little drop on my hands once in the AM and then in the PM. Full size bottle lasts a long time.
  3. Keeps hands moisturized all day - up to 72 hours. Will hold up to several hand washes. Will not wash off easily like other hand lotions. No need for constant reapplication.
Don't believe me? Check out the reviews yourself! The only downside with this product is that they don't have travel sizes. Pictured here is the full size bottle and I leave it at work. If they had travel sized I would definitely purchase to have in my car, gym bag, by the sink, my purse, etc.

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